About Michael Chai
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About Michael Chai

For over 40 years, Michael Chai has been providing guidance and directions for persons going through life’s expectations, challenges and misgivings, or simply, those wanting to understand what lies ahead for them and how they might best navigate through it. A chance encounter with a fortune teller when he was 6 years old piqued his interest and an unexpected meeting with his first metaphysics master during his early teenage years led him to discover his gift and the desire to help others with it.

Michael’s unique brand of metaphysics which combines numerology and astrology has garnered him a strong list of clients both in Singapore and globally, ranging from the man in the street to CEOs, business leaders and governments. Michael has been based in various parts of the United States, Europe, and Hong Kong during his career. He is now largely based in Singapore where he advises across health, business and personal matters and situations. Michael was also the first metaphysics guru to be flown by the Singapore Tourism Board then, to the United States to provide readings.

This website is Michael’s effort to make his readings available to more, so they too can benefit from his unique approach towards metaphysics. 

What client say

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In the past, the whole subject of numerology seemed esoteric and for the most part, rather mystical to me. However, after having the pleasure and privilege of knowing Mr Michael Chai, I became a firm believer.

I remember He my first visit to Michael more than 10 years ago when I needed advice and direction with certain coinciding events in my life. I was intrigued and impressed by his display of mastery when he was able to fill in a complex grid of numbers based on my date and time of birth. But what awed me most was his uncanny accuracy in interpreting those numbers and deciphering the “secret code” of all aspects of my entire life from the past to present and the possible future ahead of me. As an entrepreneur in the health, beauty and wellness industry for the past 18 years, I got the answers to my doubts from Michael and made clear and resolute decisions. And ever since, consultations with him have become a norm and he has been a strong guiding force in the development of my business.

To me, Michael is a guru, philosopher, mentor, friend and confidante all rolled into one. I value his analysis and judgement which I deem truly pivotal in keeping me grounded and anchoring me in the right course of my life. He has enlightened me to the fact that everyone has to go through different phases in life but it is being aware of what is ahead that we can avoid pitfalls and minimise any harmful or detrimental effects. Through Michael’s words of wisdom, I have found calm and serenity even in the most difficult situations.

And as I always remember him saying “let’s not beat around the bush and get straight to the point”, Michael is truly a man who means what he says and says what he means.

A true blessing in my life.

Darren Jerome Low
Brand GM/ Ambassador
Milestone Asia
Biofunctional foods for your Genes
Mobile: +65 9299 5131

I have sought Master Chai’s views for some aspects of my businesses. His inputs using his unique metaphysic numerology have been useful.

I recommend Master Chai to anyone who would like to have an additional perspective in life.

Sam Lim

Executive Chairman and Group CEO, No Signboard Holdings Limited

I’ve known Michael Chai for more than 15 years and I consult him every year for a reading. Based on consultations with him, I’m able to prepare and plan ahead as his readings are highly accurate. He provides simple examples to allow better understanding of his readings. His extensive experience in this area allows him to provide an in-depth reading on a wide range of topics including health, career, family, education and wealth. I highly recommend his services for anyone looking to engage a professional numerologist.

Sarjit Singh

I have consulted with Mike for over a decade and each time, have been left in awe of his methodology. His insights are always consistent and have, over time, proven to be accurate. The friends whom I have recommended to him shared the same views and are thankful to be provided with the direction that they were looking for. To me, numerology is both a science and an art of which Mike is a practitioner par excellence

Y.S Lim

Corporate Lawyer

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