You are a SATURDAY child.

You are wise with a cheerful disposition and at the same time determined and strong-willed. Your creativity, confidence and accomplishments win you trust easily. You are a natural leader and strive for the satisfaction of achievement. Your intuition helps you see beyond the surface in situations.

Your temper is quick to rise but it subsides as quickly, especially with loved ones. You can balance family life with your job successfully without much compromise and will be well loved by those you love.

You are straightforward but be careful of hurting others t. Learn to be patient and to let go of grudges to remove obstructions in life. Do not let pride get the better of you!

Career wise you are someone who works hard and smart, and in a position of command.  Manage and motivate your team well and you will have strong support from them. Your natural showmanship will earn you recognition at work!

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