You are a THURDAY child.

You are an intellect. Understand the law of cause and effect and you will hold a correct view of life. Determined and practical by nature, you possess wit, intuition, intelligence, and to achieve your goals. Your strong sense of justice makes you fight for what you believe is right.

You are straightforward in your speech with no ill intention. You enjoy being busy and is not someone who can sit still and do nothing.

You enjoy the finer things in life and will not hesitate to spend on them.                                                                                                                                                        

You will not settle into marriage unless you are financially and mentally prepared. As a spouse, you are naturally able to push your partner towards success yet be tender and devoted.

In your career, you seek prestige and success. You will not enter into business unless you are financially prepared.You are a good salesman who can successfully hard sell ideas to others.                

Do not neglect your personal needs and health due to work. Do not let stubbornness and over desire obstruct your path towards success.  

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