You are a TUESDAY child.

You are naturally likable, highly intuitive and versatile in your approach towards success. Your cool personality hides a sensitive character with a strong sense of justice. You will never be silent when you can speak and never turn away when you can help. You have a sincere heart and tend to spoil those you love. You will never be stubborn or angry with them for too long. But you expect them, especially your spouse, to encourage and support your pursuits of interest.

At work, you are a good team player.  You will be valued for the concrete thinking you bring to the table. As a leader, you are not one who will sit behind a desk to manage matters. You generally enjoy new challenges and constantly experiment with new ideas.

You pursue and enjoy the finer things in life from your own unique perspective. As such, you feel money and love is never enough.

Beware lies and gossip as they will be the main obstructions in your life and cause you to lose opportunities life presents.

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