You are a WEDNESDAY child.

You are an intelligent, sensible, and confident person. An independent thinker, you are self-motivated. You are a person who is born to lead and not to be led. You have a dynamic personality and can influence and encourage others with your speech. Your fragility lies in easily trusting others as you are generally easy-going and do not want to hurt the feelings of others.

You are a thoughtful, kind-hearted individual who is true to your friends and faithful to your loved ones. Family is your safe space.

Career wise, stay persistent and focused on the path of success. Do not let criticisms and the fear of expressing yourself affect you. Pettiness and an egotistical attitude can affect your success too.

You will constantly pursue greater wealth as you seek financial security. You can accumulate wealth easily as you are not who will fall into scams and is wise enough to avoid stormy seas. Believe in yourself!

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