You are a FRIDAY child.

You are an idealist, outgoing with a subtle yet crazy sense of fun and humour. An understanding person, you have great sensitivity to your own feelings and those of others.

You are not someone who shares your innermost feelings and prefers to listen. But when you speak, you are persuasive. While you are quick-tempered, it subsides as quickly as it rises, especially with loved ones.

Not one who enjoys decision-making by nature, you prefer a partner who leads the relationship and makes you proud. However, without trust, marriage can be stressful.

Success in career lies in your hands. You are a responsible and accountable worker who can adapt easily to situations at work. In business youowHowIN businessIhn businesInnssINii may lean heavily towards fame and recognition!

Do not let over-ambition and daydreaming to escape realities cause obstructions in your life. Let go of grudges. You are stronger than you think, wiser than you know!

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